Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Let's Get to know Charlie Pulsipher!

Charlie Pulsipher is the author of ZOMBIES AT THE DOOR and THE CRYSTAL BRIDGE which he has been coerced (hordes of zombies may or may not have been involved #that guide won't help you now) into giving in the giveaway.
    Charlie Pulsipher is a were-hamster and lemur enthusiast who lives in Saint George, Utah with his lovely wife and neurotic dog. He writes sci-fi and fantasy or some mix of the two. He plans on surviving the inevitable zombie-pocalypse that will surely start when dust bunnies rise up against their vacuum cleaner masters.
   Don’t be fooled by his shy, humble exterior. He does bite and his velociraptor impression is quite scary. It’s probably the coolest thing about him.
   He spends his time away from the keyboard hiking and camping in stunningSouthern Utah.
   He has offered two books in the giveaway going on until February 6, 2016.

ZOMBIES AT THE DOOR is a guide to surviving the zombie apocalypse. (You can see why I'd have my minions chase him down now. Knew he'd be okay, he just had to say yes to get them called off.) It's hilarious, entertaining, and a great read. Definitely one I recommend.
THE CRYSTAL BRIDGE is a novel that spans worlds and genres, breaking rules at every turn. Imagine Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings meets Stargate.
I asked Charlie a few questions so we could get to know him better.
1. What are some of your favorite things?
Answer: The smell of rain. The stretch of hot cheese. The way words paint pictures inside my head. The muffled sound of snow. When I notice my breathing and find comfort in it. Songs that make me cry the first time I hear them, the lyrics and the music mingling together to dance along my spine. When my hair behaves itself and others notice. The shifting color of my eyes. The sound of the ocean. When laughter forces its way out of my lungs and refuses to listen to my feeble attempts to control it. And a really good soup recipe.

2. What got you into writing?
Answer: My older brother is dyslexic. He decided early on that the best way to overcome his challenge was to read as much as possible. He then shoved his favorite books into my hands, even if I was way too young for some of them. I read Ender’s Game when I was eight. It shattered me, and every sharp piece of me craved stories from then on, needed them. I didn’t actually consider writing as a career until college, but I think I’ve been writing stories in one way or another ever since that little boy discovered how powerful a few words on a page can be.

This funny, quirky, interesting man also does some amazing things with cardboard (you won't believe it until you see it.)
Yes, those are CARDBOARD. One of these days I'll have to get one.

Find him online at

He neglects his twitter account. @charliepulse

Email him at raptorbark@hotmail.com (yes, that’s real)

And if you want a chance to own one of his incredible cardboard creations check out
Find all of his books on his author page at http://www.amazon.com/Charlie-Pulsipher/e/B005RTRQ6A/

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