Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Busiest time of the year.

As Christmas gets closer I find myself with a million things to do, from wrapping presents to cleaning house and preparing for Christmas dinner. Of course my two little tornadoes don't help any as they follow behind and destroy everything I do (including unwrappig the presents and wondering why i get upset). And so once agai I retreat into my own little world for a moment of peace and quiet, well at least for me. The characters in my story are too busy running for their lives to get any of that. My husband says I like to torture them, and I suppose it's true, but what good is a book without conflict.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dark Visions Query

And another try at this query. Here it is.

Dear Agent,

After Aaron failed the Ordeal – the final test to become a magician, those with the lesser side of magic – he lost everything he ever held dear.

Abandoned by the people he once thought loved him and clinging to the edge of sanity, twenty-five-year-old Aaron forsakes magic entirely. But when magic begins to fade from the world, his father tracks Aaron down, and forces him to learn to control his gift of foresight. As Aaron’s visions intensify, they reveal a war that will wipe all magic from the planet, including the last living wizard... his grandfather.

Every effort Aaron makes to change the future only leads him closer to the wars that loom on the horizon. Somehow he must find a way to stop them – but that means embracing his birthright, facing a dragon he fears may eat him, and becoming a wizard himself.

Great. More magic. Just what he didn’t want.

DARK VISIONS is a fantasy novel completed at 99,000 words. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Rachel Hert

It's Query Letter Blogfest Time!

Who wouldn't want the chance to get great critiques from people who actually know what they're doing? And if those agents are too busy well then I suppose we'll just have to do. Several writers who have been at this for a long time, a few who have even gotten it right.

Join in the fun and get some great critiques but make sure to follow the rules.
1. Provide helpful feedback to ten others
2. Blog about it
3. Add your query to your blog with some contact info such as an email

There is a prize as well. A $15 visa card.
By posting a query, you get 2pts. (one for posting and one for promising to critique ten peoples entries—honor system) Blog about the fest, you get 1pt. Display the badge, you get 1pt.

To sign up for this amazing chance and hopefully catch the attention of those wonderful agents we all know and love so much, go to

Good luck and enjoy the blogfest.


You ever get a story in your head and can't get it out. You just have to sit down and type. Hours later you look up and twenty five pages have been added to your story and you wonder where the day has gone. This happens to me all the time. It's like this world completely disappears and the story of the other world becomes my reality.