Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's Query Letter Blogfest Time!

Who wouldn't want the chance to get great critiques from people who actually know what they're doing? And if those agents are too busy well then I suppose we'll just have to do. Several writers who have been at this for a long time, a few who have even gotten it right.

Join in the fun and get some great critiques but make sure to follow the rules.
1. Provide helpful feedback to ten others
2. Blog about it
3. Add your query to your blog with some contact info such as an email

There is a prize as well. A $15 visa card.
By posting a query, you get 2pts. (one for posting and one for promising to critique ten peoples entries—honor system) Blog about the fest, you get 1pt. Display the badge, you get 1pt.

To sign up for this amazing chance and hopefully catch the attention of those wonderful agents we all know and love so much, go to

Good luck and enjoy the blogfest.


  1. Hi Rachel, *waves*

    So glad you joined the blogging community. Doing a blogfest is a great way to connect to a lot of people all at one time. If you post between now and the 12th make sure you repost you query so it stays close to the top and is easier for everyone to find.

    I had an freelance editor stop by and comment on my blog yesterday *did a little dance* so be sure to spice up your blog with extras about yourself b/c you never know who will be reading.


  2. Hi Rachel! Your sister-in-law here. :)

    I highly recommend visiting It's a writing blog started by my aunt, and anyone can become a contributer! You might have fun with it.