Monday, March 19, 2012

Editor Giveaway

There's a great giveaway going on over at C.A Marshall's site. The chance to win a full critique of a book from an editor as well as many other wonderful prizes. Make sure you take a look.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Squished by life. My husband tells me I love to torture my characters, and in many ways he's right. I never have so much fun writing as when something difficult is happening in my characters life. As I write mostly Sci-fi and Fantasy that does tend to be battles, being tortured, or trying to get out of impossible situations.

However, it's not nearly as much fun when it's happening to me. Now. In real life. (sighs)

Okay so I don't have any flesh eating monsters chasing me, or that dreaded evil wizard who wants to steal my powers and make sure I can never beat him. There's no king trying to kill me, or battles I have to wage against fellow warriors. In some ways I think these challenges would be so much easier. I've written enough of them that I'd know exactly what I had to do and would be able to move forward, sword in hand, magic blazing.

Instead I'm trapped in the horrible land of NORMAL, or not so normal. 


It could seriously be the title for my life story.

It could probably be the title for many life stories. Life can be hard, it can slam you against walls and refuse to let you get up again. It can make everything spin out of control, steal all from your grasp and send you racing down a road to an adventure you never expected.

That's how stories start isn't it?

Even the true life ones.