Saturday, November 5, 2011


Yes, I know I have vanished since June. For six months I haven't posted a single thing here. (sigh) It's been a crazy six months. I've decided something though and I hope you'll all agree with me. There are big differences between an author and a writer. A writer puts words on a page. An author makes it so there is no page. A writer creates characters and tries to make them real. An author lets the characters in their mind tell them what's real. When things go wrong a writer gets frustrated and stops working. An author curses the characters for their tricky ways and finds a way to make it work. When life dumps on you and something has to give a writer lets go of their story for a while. For the author the only way to deal with the stress is to keep writing. A writer bleeds red. An author bleeds ink. A writer tells stories and dreams of success. An author creates their own success. And with my crazy schedule that is all I have time for today. Promise I'll get to this more often from now on. (At least once a month.) In the meantime keep up the good work.

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