Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Back from Outer Space with AWESOME News!!!

So, after being gone FOREVER, I've decided to come back with some Awesome News!!! My book is being published!!! You know, the one I've been working on forever. The one I started this blog so I could submit it for critiques, the one I've spent years developing.
That's right.
Daemarkin: Demon's Vow will be released on January 15th! It's available for Amazon Kindle pre-order now, but if you want a paperback it will be available January 15th. I've posted a link on the side, but here's another, just in case. Daemarkin: Demon's Vow.
And a little blurb just to let you know what it's about.
For as long as sixteen-year-old Zade can remember he’s dealt with the thing locked inside, another soul that can use his body . . . if he lets it.

As long as he stays away from the nearby villagers, he can control the soul’s strange powers—and its hunger—powers he needs to keep the encroaching creatures of the nether realm from finding the demon gate and destroying the valley where he lives.

But when Zade saves a village girl from monstrous wolves, he loses the one tool that aids his control: the villagers’ fear of him.

Now they won't leave him alone and his darker side is getting stronger—a side hungry for blood, and it doesn’t care if that blood is demonic or human.

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