Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Christmas Wish. . .

Every year people ask me what I want for Christmas and every year I have no idea. The things I want you normally can't buy in a store, or make from things laying around the house. Normally I can't even put what I want into words.

Too often at Christmas I find the bustle of buying and wrapping and preparing Christmas dinner more than a little stressful and wonder how my mother ever did it for twelve children, their spouses and however many grandchildren happened to be at the house.

All over the country people prepare to serve huge meals. They'll spend the next few days wrapping cooking and scrubbing down every corner of the house where there family and friends will gather.

But as I prepare a much smaller meal (one only meant for 5) my mind keeps shifting to the fact that there are hundreds of families this year who prepare for one less than they did last year. For some there are presents waiting for a child that they never had the chance to open, for others a pall of sadness fills the house as someone tries to step in for that special person who made Christmas magical.

So this year with Christmas only days away my wish is for them. I wish them peace and the knowledge that though Christmas this year will be difficult, that you will always miss them, they are not gone forever and their love for you will remain no matter how many days and weeks pass.

I personally do not know you. At least not that I am aware of, and perhaps this wish will never reach the eyes and ears of any of those that my wish is made for, but perhaps it will, and in that case I wish you a Merry Christmas and want you to know that my heart and my prayers go out to you in this time of need.

May your loved one never be forgotten and that though I may not know you, you are not forgotten this holiday season.

That is my wish this year.

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  1. =) I think that's the best Christmas blog post I've read all year. (And let me clarify, I'm not talking 2013, but the 2012 season.) There's nothing better than writing straight from the heart. Hope you had a wonderful holiday season, Rachel!