Tuesday, April 26, 2011

V- Victory, vengeance, virtue

Okay, so once again I'm reaching. I do have something actually to say about this though. I have never read a good book that didn't have some kind of victory in it. Vengeance and virtue are optional (though they do make for interesting plots at times) but without victory in some form I'm left going, "Wait. This can't end this way." and generally never pick up another book that author writes again. Everyone likes to see the protagonist win. You've followed them through the book for a reason. I especially liked Artemis Fowl (a middle grade series) because it had a very unique twist. The main character is the villain! I loved these books and highly recommend them, mainly because they aren't typical. The villain wins in the books, but the author makes sure you're rooting for the villain by the time he wins. It's quite ingenious.

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