Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nervous Wreck

So the Nervous Wreck is here. This dreaded monster attacked me this morning as I woke up and realized that the Amazon breakthrough contest begins tonight. Despite the weeks of preparation, the hours of writing that horrible gainly thing people call a pitch, and the dozens of critiques I've received, my brain has spun out of control. I know my story is good, but the dreaded monster is telling me it isn't quite good enough.

This time I've told myself I don't care (A perfectly good lie to get me moving). I've done the best I can. The worst that can happen is disqualification. It's not like giant armies of robots will come rip me apart for trying. Right? Because now that I've written it I can see it all happen. Again, the dreaded monster has got me. Is there no release?


  1. Here's how to escape Nervous Wreck:

    Focus on what you love about your story and why you felt compelled to write it in the first place.

    Drink something alcoholic.

    Tell NW to go %@$# itself.

    Repeat :D

    I'm doing the ABNA thing too, and I'm probably gonna end up curled in the fetal position before it's over...

  2. I hope you do well with ABNA. I only made it to pressing the submission button with my husbands help and lots of chocolate. Not quite so nervous now that I can't do anything about it.

  3. Thanks, Rachel. You too! I'm still working, but I plan to have this submitted by the end of the week. Which means that I'll have to stock up on chocolate ;)